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I know, I know, who i am!
A very morbid Ogden Nash! – Flo

Cupid de Lock, O Prithee!
Send’st thou this heart of me?
To my dreary Lunar love-
Eclipsed by the lamp of dusk above.

Upon the molten brims of Fie;
He reigns in raptured saturnine
Wretched prince of the moon-dazed realm-
By wane; He seek’st my cheeks sanguine!

Crestfallen; O he long’st for me-
In a lovesick soliloquy
Till hail of his kingdom sallow him
A green and yellow melancholy

The daisies of the galaxies
Burn softly in their star-laced dreams
Alas, I plead that thou be swift-
For dawn reaps the death of this solstice

The hungry Sun shalt bring forth the morrow;
Melt’st thy arrow, devour’st his marrow-
As cygnets on thy Sweetheart’s bow
Hold the bend of his sorrow.

  1. Davis
    January 29, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    Oh Luna! You are officially recognized on 6th feb, 2015!

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