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Pending Boy

An ode to my neighborhood based on an actual encounter.

I met the boy from Pending
The year i turned a-seventeen
And like the road he took to-
Were his fancies pending too!

He went to school in Fajar
Where they taught them how to manja
and for five years of their lives
Disc-mans played a non-stop karma
Of Jay Chou if you were Chinese
Nurhaliza if you were mat
All these not withstanding
The fact that he was hard.

I saw him one cool evening
all eleven-thirty-five
Grinning tooth to tooth,
Boy, he couldn’t make up his mind!
To speak or not to speak
to the girl who sat behind
and all thruout the journey
I heard a Jay Chou humm-a-by.

July August we dowsed in silence
I didnt see him for the whole of September
October he started to waved Goodbye
Right by the ez-link tapper, shy.

Sometimes i would get off
by eleven zero five
but i would miss two seventy-fives
just to make sure he’s in sight.
When each time i did not
See his pretty teeth and smile
I feel my heart a-breaking
by the time I’m in Jelita.

Oh Pending Boy
Oh Pending Boy
I’m pretty sure i’m no
Gangsa chick or Petir babe
that you would go Ten Mile for!
My features are flat as prata
as compared to your korean dreamboat’s
dimpled cheeks and chiselled jaws
and a nose like the Matterhorn.
Oh Pending Boy
Oh Pending Boy
But there’s one thing you must know;
That even tho i live in Senja,
I have my suitors too!

Dearest Pending Boy,

I’m Sorry but Bangkit‘s all my heart can take.
Even tho we were always one-step-forward-two-steps-back i’m sure we’ll get as far as Segar if we were brave.
Someday however, I’m sure to see ya again coz Bukit Panjang really isn’t that panjang!
And by that time i hope you have well, decided to move on.
Your Jay Chous, giordano polos, bad engrish, blonde hilights and a never-ending list of priorites
Is more than what a homely intellectual knows-her-shit Senja girl can take.
And yeah i’ve since hooked up with Zhenghua Zai even tho he is from China,
he is not half as pretentious as you are.

Happy Pending,
Senja Girl

  1. Davis
    January 29, 2015 at 5:15 pm

    Ahahah I can picture the whole story! Too interesting senja girl!!

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